These projects are under active development, and functionality may change from time to time. If you have questions or run into problems, feel free to open an issue.


SYRCityLine is a service from the City of Syracuse for submitting services requests and tracking complaints, permits and permit applications. While this service is helpful, there is no API for looking up the status of records (e.g., to programmatically check the status of a complaint or permit). This project attempts to create an API for the SYRCityLine service.

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Onondaga County Polling Location API

Onondaga County doesn't provide easy access to information on polling locations. You can either read a PDF document to get polling locations, or use an outdated and not very user friendly web application.

Much of the information provided by the existing County web application can also be obtained through the Google Civic Information API. However, a polling location API specific to Onondaga County can provide more detailed, more accurate, and more recently updated information for voters.

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Syracuse Flight Information API

The Syracuse Hancock International Airport currently publishes an XML file with flight data that is used for its public website.

In a way, this is awesome and the data is far easier to use than the data from many other public public organizations. However, this XML file is not as flexible as a full REST API, which would allow for searches by flight number, by gate assignment, etc. To create a lightweight REST interface on top of the existing airport flight information XML file, this project uses Node.js and XPath to parse the XML file and expose search paths that make this data more easily consumed by civic apps.

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Note - These projects are not affiliated with or endorsed by the City of Syracuse or Onondaga County. All code is open source and available on Github.